About Us

What is Chef And Guests?

Chef and Guests is an online platform where food lovers can hire professional chefs and enjoy a unique fine dining experience in the comfort of their own homes with their loved ones. A platform where professional and passionate chefs can showcase their unique skills and talents while earning an extra income and building their names. Launched in August 2018, our talented chefs have since served more than 7,000 food lovers (clients) and more the 30,000 dishes. Chef and Guests helps you take the stress out of hosting, leaving you to just enjoy the precious moments and create long-lasting memories with your loved ones.

Who are our Chefs?

All our chefs are auto-entrepreneurs using our platform to promote their skills and services. Each one of our chefs is selected based on their skills and passion for fine food and people. We seek to represent a variety of culinary styles amongst our chefs, and a level of excellence acquired through culinary schools and/ or experience gained by working in finer establishments.

Reasons to book a Chef And Guests Experience

  1. Choosing Chef and Guests means choosing to take the stress out of hosting and allowing your chef to take you and your guests on a culinary journey exploring different tastes and flavors in the comfort of your own home.

  2. A large selection of professional chefs offering a variety of cuisines and catering to all dietary requirements. Browse and select one of our chefs’ set menus or let your desired chef create your dream menu.

  3. A Chef and Guests Experience is not only a unique food experience but also a human experience designed to create long-lasting memories with your loved ones.